Horror Film Poster.


While looking for a design to do a critique on, I found this design for the “Northern Europe Film Festival.” there are several reasons why I believe this design could have been done better. First, I believe that the contrast between the value of the two main colors of the design, is not as contrasting as it should be in order to clearly read the text. Also, the text appears to be too clustered together; therefore, it is hard to read. When it comes to the composition of the design, I find a couple of lines that lead my eye out of the composition. And finally, the piece seems to have a layer of tiny white specs that I find a bit distracting.


One thought on “Horror Film Poster.

  1. ARTD150 says:

    Great example. I think the design is a good start, but I agree, there are some adjustments that can be make to make the design easier to read, first of all, because it is a poster (which should provide information about the event). Good point. Perhaps the design would work with a different color combination, if so, which colors do you think they would be. ? The specs in the design seem to be looking for an older look, like film grain, but it’s not used enough to work- it looks like a mistake. Good critical thinking, keep it up.

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