This is my final design for this exercise. Any suggestions to improve it are more than welcome. Thanks.  


4 thoughts on “PROJECT 2. EX.2 FINAL

  1. picardilek says:

    This looks very nice. My only suggestion would be to give it a little bit of a background. You may do it with more words (only grayish color so your focal point would still stand out). can you check mine out, too?

  2. I really like the spikes coming out of the word and makes it look painful. Haha. Very nice work. I like the font used as it makes it look alittle broken and sharp.

  3. braveries says:

    Wow. I really love the shakiness and the violent sort of feeling it gives off. It really conveys the word. I think my only real suggestion would be that two layers of gray is kind of distracting and might make it a little too busy. I’d either make one of the grays lighter or darker, mess with opacity, things like that. The black and just. This is really fantastic.

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