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Project 3 Painting…

So I am still not so sure of what I want to do for this project, but I am still doing some research on some artists. I hope to find something pretty soon. 


The Four Caterpillars




Here is my poster!

Blog Write up 2.2

From the three of my preliminary sketches, this is the one I decided to use. The instructor liked it and suggested to incorporate elements from my 3rd and 2nd sketch. Brianna liked it as well, and she also advised to work the eye and the hand so that they look like one whole element. Kevin and Dilek also liked this one, and they both recommended to work on a background, and to play with the perspective tool. Thanks to all of you for your advise. I am still working on it. If anyone else has any feedback, just let me know. I’ll appreciate it. 

Preliminary Drafts



     These are my preliminary sketches for my poster. My band is, “Empire of the Sun,” and the name of their album is, “Walking on a dream.” Feedback please. 

Vector Portrait

This here is my ever first made vector portrait. Need more practice of course, but I really like how it came out, and I got to practice using the pen tool too. starting to really like illustrator haha :))









      For this exercise, I chose the word “pain.” Dilek suggested that worked on a background for the design. My original design only consisted of the word pain with some spikes coming out of the word, so I decided to add two shadows behind that could work as a background. I think this change adds a lot more to the simple design since it makes it busier, and almost gives it the effect of shaking, and it also emphasizes the word pain. it also makes it more subtle to the eye since the contrast from white to black is not as dramatic as in the first design.  If anyone has any more feedback to improve my design, I’d be more than glad to implement your ideas. Thanks to the people that have already given me some feedback.