Blog Write Up 4.2



So this is a rough sketch for what my story is going to be. My book is gonna be called “Alice and the Orange dinosaur”… or something like that. Im still not sure. I want to illustrate “Alice,” the main character from the story, going into this magical world. along the way, she hears about this orange dragon that everyone fears. Everyone tlaks bad things about him, and are afraid of him. The point is, she will eventually encounter the dinosaur, and she will realize that, contrary to what everyone else would say, he is very friendly and fun. I want it to have a moral. It can be something like, not to be judgmental to others, or don’t gossip, or something like that.

  The challenge is gonna be to come up with all the illustrations, but basically, i think this is the style I want to illustrations to be like. I can add more texture, so that it doesn’t look that plain.


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